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Alexandre Beaussart - Craft

Passionate about music and history since adolescence, Alexandre began his professional education with a degree in art history and archeology from the University of Lille, before moving towards manual arts practice, the object of his passions. He then began a Certificate of Professional Ability of Cabinetmaking in Paris, in the institute La Bonne Graine, then joined Mirecourt to learn the craft of luthier at the National School of Lutherie, in the Lycée Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. In 2014, he graduated with a Diploma in Arts and Crafts.

His professional experience in the Philippe Miteran workshop and the various stages realized throughout France (Caen, Bordeaux and Paris) allowed him to consolidate his techniques, to acquire new tools and to realize his first personal instruments. While continuing to work sound and realize the instruments on demand. In his personal work and through his interest for some currents such as Italian violin making, he seeks to develop his own ethical line by paying particular attention to the methods of the time.