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Audrey Goepp - Restoration

It is in the continuity of a double training, music first and then lutherie, that Audrey embarks on a career as a restorer.

In high school, her strong interest in chemistry and acoustics led her to follow a scientific training supplemented by a musicology option. This passion for music comes to her from childhood and is concretized later by a continuous training at the conservatory, around two instruments: the cello (CRR of Bordeaux) and the double bass (CRR of Caen, under the direction of Fabrice Béguin).

Seeking to combine these various interests in the construction of her career, Audrey comes to study lutherie at the Lycée Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume and is formed through experiments in several workshops, including Bordeaux and Paris. However, she is not limited to French tradition techniques, since she is involved in a continuing education with Jean-Jacques Fasnasht (teacher at the school in Brienz, Switzerland), where she develops and updates her skills in high restoration, solvent chemistry and UV work.

She graduated from the School of Mirecourt in 2013, holds the Diploma of Arts and Crafts and joined the company of Jean-Yves Tanguy, based in Caen. In this workshop, she works on her restoration, maintenance and adjustment techniques. Her field of expertise includes the family of baroque instruments (violins and violas of gamba), however Audrey finds a particular interest in the work on the double bass. Because of her affinity for jazz and classical music, but also for the world of musicians in general, to which she herself belongs, Audrey comes to find the best application of her tuning skills in the service of double bass gut strings, hooping, mounting and specific adjustment for each period).

For Audrey, music and sound are at the heart of her luthier's work. It is through innovation and research that it tries to preserve an ethic of preservation and preservation of instruments, which makes its commitment today to your service.